In human communications, story is a powerful tool. When you read or listen to a story, you ‘feel’ your experience.
Every business encounters ups and downs. Both in the downturn and upturn, business units face problem of selecting right decision.
Shifting of purchasing power to young generation and changing pattern of their buying style has led to a new business
How to brand has been a hot topic with Marketing Practitioners. But in a world that has Gen Z in
How do you market to current young generation? Let us first understand that the mindset of GenZ. What are the
In 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. The NASA explained the reason: malfunctioning of tiniest of components. O Ring procured by
Unleashing the Idea virus is a book by Seth Godin, which came out in the year 2000, the year of
With Durga Pujo gathering momentum each day, an exercise into - how magical branding can help Pujo Committees to generate
The last few years, web designers have pushed their boundaries abandoning the structured grids for bolder layouts, opting for vibrant
WhatsApp is a magic tool. Not only a communication tool, it can serve as a helpline to offer guidance....
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